Property Management Services

Property Management

Open Plot
  • Construct Fencing/Compound Wall
  • Cleaning
  • Surveying
  • Land Filling/Foundation Works
  • Plant Trees
Flat / Independent House
  • Repairs and Upkeep
  • Painting
  • Civil & Carpentry Works
  • Air-conditioning & Electrical
  • Pest Control
  • Deep Cleaning & House Keeping

Financial Services

ShelterStock advises you in financing your property investments in the most efficient manner and in ensuring that the value of your property stays preserved.

Home Loan
  • Finding a suitable low cost home loan
  • Assisting in documentation for new loans as well as for switching
  • Simplifying and expediting the overall process for loan disbursal
Mortgage Loan
  • High-value loans made affordable
  • Flexible Tenor
  • Easy balance transfer facility
Property Insurance Advisory
  • Advising on all possible need based issues related to the property’s insurance
  • Assisting you in assessment of insurance policies and selection of an apt insurance policy
  • Periodic renewal of Insurance Policy(s) and assessment of any changes in terms of the policy
Tax Planning and Filings
  • Tax planning regarding your income from property
  • Property tax solutions and assistance in filings

Legal Services

ShelterStock provides comprehensive legal coverage and solution to all your property related requirements.

Full Spectrum of Legal Services
  • Trusted legal advice on your legal case by our network of experts
  • Advice in litigation related matters
  • Title Verification
  • Registration (Concierge)
Legal Assistance in Sale-Purchase
  • Our legal experts ensure that your interests are fully protected on the legal front, whether you are purchasing or selling your property
  • Legally vetted and thoroughly verified sale-purchase documents
Documentation Assist
  • Legal correspondence and issuance of / reply to notices
  • Preparing documents for use in courts, banks, etc.
  • Agreement Services – between parties like sale deed, GPA, SPA etc..
  • Regularization Services (LRS, BPS etc..)
  • Neutral Certification
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ShelterStock is an end-to-end property management firm cracking aggravations faced by property-owners living away from their property. We offer an ample band of property monitoring, leasing, maintenance, renovation, sale/ purchase, legal and advisory services enabled by our state-of-the-art technology applications.
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